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Make dog parenting easy with

Untangled Tails 

Your pet needs a
workout buddy, too


Get a reliable trained dog walker for your dog from untangled tails . Our walkers give 100% attention to your dog's needs - making sure they get the exercise and sniffing time they need to stay healthy!!!

The secret to a happy and healthy dog? A walk done right! Rely on us trained and experienced dog walkers to get your dog the walk they deserve.


Make a difference for homeless pets in need

HELPING STRAY DOGS find their perfect furever homes




Making them learn with love 

Keeping your Pet Fit & Happy
Start the walk today with Untangled Tails Today!


 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Book a Trial Walk ?
    Contact 7838727121
  • What if my dog doesn't go for a walk with the walker ?
    Some dogs may take longer to get comfortable with a new person. In such cases, it helps if the dog parent can accompany our walker for few days to build a connection and trust.
  • How will I know if my dog is eligible for walking services ?
    If your dog is 90 days or older, fully vaccinated, healthy and dewormed, they’re all set to start their walks with Untangled Tails.
  • Why we should choose Untangled Tails ?
    We are super empathetic towards your furry friend using only positive reinforcement to re-model behavior. Our mission is to improve your lifelong relationship with your pet by making it more harmonious. We are not money-driven and care deeply about overall animal welfare.

Still Have Questions ?

Whether it's answers to your pet questions or getting recommendations for services - we've got you.

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